• Date: March 2011
  • Fee: £40
  • Open To: Brothers and Sisters

General Info

  • Reference: IHS:UBK11
  • Discount: £30.00 for existing students
  • Date: March 2011
  • Duration: 09:30am-19:30pm
  • Availability: FULLY BOOKED
  • Room/Building: The Avon Lecture Room
  • Open To: Brothers and Sisters
  • You must bring in you college or university pass as proof on the day. Failure to provide evidence will result in paying the extra amount of £10.00.

    Free Parking

  • The study of the life of Umar ibn Khattab is not just the life of a great personality. It is one of the greatest examples of the manifestation of divine guidance. A man whose enmity for Islam was so great, that it was believed his father’s donkey had a greater chance of becoming a Muslim than him.

    However, when guided by Islam, Umar became the man regarding whom the Prophet peace be upon him said, “If there was a Prophet to come after me it would have been Umar b. Khattab.” (Tirmidhi)

    Why Attend This Course?

    • ‘The seeking of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim' (male and female) – (Hadith)
    • The Qur’an and Sunnah consistently remind the believers of gaining Islamic Knowledge and implementing it in our lives. This is your opportunity to obtain an insight of Sacred Knowledge and make full commitment, devotion and struggle for the pleasure of Allah.
    • As-Suffa Institute courses are always presented in English.
    • The life of Umar ibn Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) has always been and will certainly remain a great source of inspiration for the Muslims.


    Who Is This Course For?

    • Individuals who have recently embraced Islam.
    • Individuals who cannot devote their time for full time Islamic Studies.
    • Individuals who want to revive the Islamic Spirit.
    • Students who want to learn and understand the rich and vibrant History of Islam.
    • Students who want to enhance their understanding of their Deen.

    What Will You Gain From This Course?

    • An Inspirational & Spiritual uplift for your Imaan
    • A unique presentation of the life & acheivements on one of the greatest examples of the manifestation of divine guidance
    • Answers to some of the burning questions regarding the life of Umar ibn Khattab
    • A high level of understanding of Islamic History
    • 200 Page course material including notes and maps

    What Will You Be Learning?

    • An indepth study from his birth, youth, adulthood, disbelief and enmity towards Islam to immense belief and piety, culminating in many of his glorious achievements
    • The unique transfopmation of a man who intended to kill the Prophet (peace be upon him)
    • His knowledge and understanding of the Deen and how many principles applied by the recognised schools of thought are derived from his Fiqh
    • His justice and how it was so distinguished that even the non-Muslims bore testimony to it
    • His military brilliance whice strategies brought down the two superpowers of the day
    • A Muslim whose day ald night would be spent in worship
    • How can we learn from his Taqwa, Intellect, Worship and Sacrifices

    Course Essentials

    • Writing equipment and different coloured highlighters for the maps
    • Notepad
    • A Passion to learn

    General Info

    Free accommodation can be provided for brothers only, who are travelling from outside the West Midlands