What is As-Suffa Homeless Outreach?

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What is As-Suffa Homeless Outreach?2017-02-18T17:44:29+00:00

Project Description

Masha’Allah, As-Suffa Homeless Outreach now operates in many different cities and towns. But what is it that we do? Watch the video above to learn about our journey. Insha’Allah, it kindles a small fire in you to do something good in your community!

If the fire has been kindled and you want to start something similar in your community, please email: homeless@as-suffa.org.

We can provide you with support and assistance to help you setup this project in your local community.

If you’re from Birmingham, Bolton, Coventry, Leicester, Sheffield, Walsall and would like to volunteer please email: homeless@as-suffa.org