Today a respected teacher on the Alimiyyah Course at As-Suffa Institute and Arabic grammar aficionado, Mufti Muhammad Islam began formal study of the Islamic Sciences in Nottingham at Jamiah Islamiyyah, the madrassa of the distinguished late scholar Molana Muhammad Kamal (may Allah have mercy on his soul). This was concluded in Pakistan where Mufti Muhammad Islam graduated with Ijaazah from Molana Abdussalaam Hazrawi of Ghari Afghanan, Taxila and Molana Muhammad Sabir Hazrawi (may Allah have mercy on their souls).

Mufti Muhammad Islam then focussed his efforts on the two-year Iftah specialisation course in Fiqh at Jamiah Uloom Al-Islamiyyah, Banori Town under the guidance of Mufti Nizamudeen Shaamzai and Mufti Abdulmajeed Deenpuri (may Allah have mercy on their souls).

Since returning to the UK, Mufti Muhammad Islam has remained active in the Muslim community with an intention to serve the Deen of Allah and further Islamic Scholarship in the UK. Mufti Muhammad Islam has been the head of As-Suffa Maktab for the past few years and teaches on the Alimiyyah Course at As-Suffa Institute as well as the part-time Heirs of the Scholars Programme. Mufti Muhammad Islam has taught a range of subjects like Qur’an, Nahw, Fiqh and Hadith, including having taught from the Sihah Sittah collection to final year Alimiyyah students since 2014.

Mufti Muhammad Islam has a YouTube lesson series online from leading Arabic grammar book, the Alfiyyah of Ibn Malik, as a provision for students of advanced grammar. Countless students have benefitted greatly from the expertise, meticulous teaching and enthusiasm of Mufti Muhammad Islam, onsite and online. His zeal and pronounced effort in imparting the sciences of Islam have been a great source of inspiration to all those who have studied with him.

May Allah Azzawajjal accept his efforts, grant him the ability to continue serving the community and bestow His Grace upon the teachers and students of Mufti Muhammad Islam.

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