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Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsor an orphan from £35/month.

Ramadhan Food packs

Provide an iftaar for just £1.


Zakat – distributed locally & abroad.

Build an Orphanage

Build your akhirah by building an orphanage in Pakistan and Gambia.

Build a Syrian home

Build a Syrian home.


Pay fitrana (£5 per person)

Ashaab As-Suffa Project

Support our project in Pakistan and Gambia.


Pay fidya/kaffarah.

Water Wells

Help build a water well.

Sponsor a hifdh student

Sponsor a hifdh student for £15/month.

Syrian Refugee Family Sponsorship

Sponsor a Syrian refugee family.


Donate to support our various projects.

Sadaqah meat

Sadaqah meat for students in Gambia.

UK projects

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