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The As-Suffa Outreach’s Homeless programme started in 2012, in Birmingham. We have since extended our services and served in excess of 250,000 hot meals and provide support to the homeless across the United Kingdom.  The homeless food programme is privately funded by generous donors like yourselves, who see the impact of our service delivery.

During the month of Ramadhan, our service provision increases to offer food every day from our Birmingham site.

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Support families in crisis

The As-Suffa Food Bank Project was initiated in 2016 and is an extension of our Homeless Project. We receive referrals from local authorities, neighbourhood offices, NHS, domestic abuse charities and many other partners.

To date, we have distributed over 1,000 emergency food parcels, containing a week’s worth of groceries, to families and individuals.

Provide shelter to the vulnerable

In 2018, approximately 500 people died due to sleeping rough on the streets in winter. Through the Homeless project we have provided emergency accommodation to over 200 individuals through our ‘Sub Zero’ night shelter project.

Your donation to this project can help save a life.

Street to feet

With your donations, we hope to launch our Street to Feet project. This is a support project which aims to work with homeless people to take them from crisis point of sleeping rough on the street, to a more stable lifestyle.

We also hope to work with families and individuals who are at risk of homelessness and help them out of hardship.

We are one of the leading Muslim charities in the UK, tackling poverty on our doorstep.

We have represented the work we do in respect of our Homeless Food projects at the Housing and Homes Overview & Scrutiny Committee. Our operation is becoming increasingly recognised among service sector and statutory organisations.

None of this is possible without your donations, as we do not receive any funding from local or central government.

Donate today and help us make a change.


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