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Close to 30% of Pakistan’s population are below the poverty line

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The COVID pandemic has sent shockwaves around the world, with countries like Pakistan being hit hard. It is estimated at least 10 million more Pakistanis will drop below the poverty line, meaning they will not be able to fulfill their basic needs.

The impact of this is far more severe than just hunger, without a source of income due to job losses, children will be forced on to the streets to try and earn enough to survive. With 1.5 million children already living on the streets, vulnerable to abuse on a daily basis, this will only make the situation worse.

As-Suffa is now on the ground, directly distributing vital food packs and essentials to families, to help them survive these harsh times. Your contribution of just £25/month can provide food packs for 16 people for an entire year. So don’t delay in this immense reward and donate today!

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£25 food pack for 16 people

Provide 16 people with food packs, containing essential food items for an entire month.

£50/month provides a rickshaw

We have identified individuals who we will be providing a rickshaw to, so that they can earn a living to allow them to become self sufficient and be able to provide for their family.

£35/month provides education

Make your donation a long lasting and meaningful one. For just £35/month you can provide education for a street child and provide them with hope and a future.

Zakat | Sadaqah | Lillah

All projects are zakat eligible and you can trust us to ensure your donations are distributed correctly and to the most needy.

But most importantly, your donation will be a means of sadaqah jaariyah for you and a source of great reward.

Almost 10% of children in Pakistan will die before they turn 5. As estimated 1.5 million children live on the streets, of which around 66% are runaways due to experiencing violence in the household, workplace or educational institution. And many are forced to the street to earn a living through begging, selling small items or cleaning car windows.

Although they leave seeking to impact and improve their situation, they become extremely vulnerable to drugs, abuse, trafficking and much more.

This can be prevented through education, job security and reduced stress, thinking where the next meal will come from.


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