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The As-Suffa sadaqah fund is your opportunity to share in the reward of all our projects. With national international projects, we require funds to operate and ensure we maintain a 100% donation policy.

Your donation will be used where the need is most and will allow us to continue to grow and support the most vulnerable, destitute and impoverished people all over the world.

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Create future leaders

As-Suffa Institute provides an array of Islamic courses, for both full time and part time students. Our driving passion is to revive the holistic, proactive spirit of Islam to create torchbearers of tomorrow.

Empower your community

Our role and objective as an institute extend much further than the classroom. We are involved in many projects that seek to fulfil our Islamic obligation of serving all members of our community. This is achieved through out intensive study courses and conferences.

Perpetual reward

By donating to As-Suffa, you will benefit from continuous reward and have a share in all the good that comes from its activities. You may also donate on behalf of a loved one and share the reward.

We have over 25 graduates from our Alimiyyah course, with majority of them having gone on to become Imams or teachers in their respective communities.

Our courses have allowed students of all ages to access sacred knowledge, across the UK. These have ranged from studying the recitation of the Quran to understanding the rulings pertaining to their daily lives and the study of science of Hadith and Quran through the classical Arabic texts.

With your support we can hope to grow our reach through online courses, seminars and events nationally and internationally. 


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