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Donate your Zakat through As-Suffa and support the needy locally and internationally

As-Suffa is pleased to have established a Zakat fund where all Zakat collected is distributed to the neediest as prescribed by Allah and His Messenger ﷺ. We have scrupulously endeavoured to ensure that all the Zakat we accumulate is distributed following Islamic principles.

 It is important to note that all the Zakat we collect and distribute is subject to a 100% donation policy.

Every Ramadan, Muslims all over the world donate generously to help the needy and those less fortunate.  Hearts are softened from prescribed fasting as we empty our stomachs and pockets during this holy month. Make Ramadan 2022 the month of giving. Let’s make this a time to give.


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Fulfil an obligation

Zakat is compulsory upon every Muslim man and woman that possesses wealth that is above the nisab threshold. To fulfil this obligation, 2.5% of your wealth must be given to any of the 8 categories, as mentioned in the Quran. By donating your Zakat to As-Suffa, you can be confident that it will be distributed correctly and your obligation will be fulfilled.



Locally, we have helped the most vulnerable and needy families. This help has extended to the elderly, single parents, victims of domestic abuse, those who struggle to pay their rent or bills, and many others who fall into desperation.


In the last year, we have distributed more than £150,000 of your zakat internationally. This has helped us fund over 1,000 food packs and provide clean water to over 200 households in war-torn Yemen.

With your donations, we can continue to help the poor and needy globally, inshaAllah!



Zakat has been made compulsory by Allah in the Quran. It is one of the pillars of Islam and a means of purifying your wealth. It is also a means of providing much-needed relief for the destitute and needy. We ensure our Zakat distribution policies are strictly following Islamic principles.

Donate your Zakat today to fulfil your obligation, purify your wealth and help the poor and those most in need.


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This project is zakat eligible and you can trust us to ensure your donations are distributed correctly to the neediest.

But most importantly, your donation will be a means of Sadaqah Jariyah for you and a source of great reward insha’Allah.

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