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There are 1.5 million refugees in Lebanon alone. This makes Lebanon the largest host of refugees per capita. The Syrian refugees are reliant on the help and support of me and you. The refugees are living in dire conditions with limited or no means of income with very poor medical facilities, whilst also having to contend with the trauma of conflict and grief of war.

We at As-Suffa have visited the Syrian refugee camps at Bekaa Valley and witnessed first-hand the distressing conditions and horrors of those who have fled for refuge.

We need your help and support to ease the suffering of these destitute people. We also aim to provide all donors with regular updates on how donations are being distributed and how much difference you can make on ground level.

Make Ramadan 2022 the month of giving. Let’s make this a time to give.



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Family sponsorship, Saadiyeh Al Marbed, Basmah Ahmad Al Jassem, Mariam Al Ali, Labiba Nayef, Khaldieh Ahmad Ahmad, Sanaa Abdel Wahab, Fariha Al Heresh, Halima Ali Al Bahloul, Mordeyya Mohamad Joneid, Kawthar Abed Al Raheem, Halima Mohamad Adrin, Aiyada Mohamad Khodor, Zainab Mohammad, Khansa Abdullah Mansour, Sabah Mohammed Jorkos, Amina Yasser, Harba Ibrahim Mansour, Mariam Omar al Halabi, Nasra Mohsen Sweyden, Sarah Abdaallah, Sohaila Saad Eddin Al-Hamwi, Maha Ali Khalifeh

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