Evolution of Fiqh

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“If a group of people from every tribe stayed behind to study (and ponder on) the religion (li yatafaqqahoo fî al-dîni), to warn and admonish their people when they return to them so that they are cautious.” (At Tawbah; 122)
He for whom Allâh desires great good, He grants him understanding in the Religion (yufaqqihhu fî al-dîn) (Al Bukhaari and Al Muslim)

What is fiqh and who are the fuqaha? How did fiqh evolve into the highly organised and methodical system available to us today? How were principles and rulings of fiqh derived? What was the perception and particular usage of fiqh by the earlier generation of Muslims? What are the sources of fiqh? Is fiqh and shari’ah synonymous? What is the relationship of fiqh with other Islamic sciences?

Get these and many more questions answered. Become familiarised with key Islamic concepts; their linguistic and technical analysis and their original coinage and context of usage through the annals of Islamic history transmitted to us.

Grasp this unique opportunity and REGISTER to attend this most informative and enlightening course covering the evolution and development of Fiqh from the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him from) till today.

The concept of Fiqh is undoubtedly a much talked of subject. It covers a very wide range of areas within Islamic sciences; and its history dates back to the earliest Islamic era. It has developed and evolved gradually from the first revelation through the different Islamic eras. Fiqh has been taught with great detail and ramifications in every era, producing many Fuqaha (sing. Faqeeh) of repute.
INFORM and EMPOWER yourself through the “EVOLUTION OF FIQH” course presented by As-Suffa.

“Then the cities of Islam grew, and illiteracy disappeared from among the Arabs because of their constant occupation with the Qur’an. After that, the development of Fiqh took place. Fiqh was perfected and came to be a craft and a science. The Qur’an readers were no longer called Qur’an readers but Fuqaha’ (Jurists) and religious scholars” (Ibn Khaldoon; Al Muqaddimah)

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Available on demand
Available on demand
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Mufti Liaquat Zaman
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