Weekday Tajweed Course

Date: Tuesday 4th June- Every Tuesday
Time: 9.30am-11am

Course overview

Gain the closeness to Allah that you have always sought, through learning to recite His Book in the way and manner in which it was revealed to His beloved Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him).

Enrol now on our weekday Tajweed course, and embark on your individually tailored journey with the Quran. You will learn to read the letters correctly, and then use the sciences of Tajweed to recite verses with perfect articulation.

Seize this opportunity to gain a deeper connection with the Qur’an, through measured and beautified reading, so that you can recite as it was revealed. Moreover, allow the power of the Qur’an to heal any spiritual and/or physical deficiencies.

Our program is for sisters at any level, and we would encourage beginners to enrol too. Over time and with dedication, you will become more fluent and develop a stronger bond with the Book of Allah.

Event Details

As-Suffa, 25 Park Lane, Aston , Birmingham, B6 5DA
Tuesday 4th June- Every Tuesday
Taught by
Qualified Ustaadha
Open to
Sisters only
Short course
£20 a month
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