Quranic Arabic

  • Quranic Arabic (sisters only)
     29 January 2018
     10:00 am
  • Spoken Arabic (sisters only)
     11 April 2017 - 26 July 2017
     2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Quranic Arabic (Sisters only)
     2 October 2017 - 11 December 2017
     12:30 pm
  •  2 October 2018 - 18 December 2018
     1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Enrollment Fee: ££50
Venue: As-Suffa Institute, 156 High Street, Aston, Birmingham, B64UX
Open to: Sisters only
Course Recurring Days: Every Tuesday
Course Recurring Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm
Course Duration: 11 weeks
Course Format: Short course
Minimum Age: 16
More Information: Quranic Arabic: Understanding the Quran should be the goal of every Muslim. This course will enable you to start your journey in understanding the Words of Allah and reflecting on the Arabic Language. Why attend this course? “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim (male and female).” - (Hadith) The Quran and Sunnah consistently remind the believers of the importance of gaining Islamic knowledge and implementing it in our lives. This is your opportunity to act upon this reminder and take away valuable new insights about the Deen of Islam for the pleasure of Allah, Most High. Who is this course for?
  • Sisters who cannot devote their time for full-time Islamic Studies, thus seeking alternative, quality, Islamic courses.
  • Sisters wishing to increase their understanding and revive the Islamic Spirit through understanding and implementation of the Sunnah.
  • Anybody with a desire to learn the language of the people of Jannah
What is stopping you from learning the language of the Quran?
By studying Quranic Arabic you can grasp the major concepts of Arabic language and
understand the Divine text without the help of a translation.
What you will gain:
- Get closer to the words of Allah
- Understand how the Arabic language in the Quran works
- Be able to read and write many Arabic sentences
- Learn the main concepts of Arabic Grammar
- Understand what Allah says in the Quran directly without a translation.
Topics covered:
1 IS RULE مبتدأ خبر
2 OF RULE إضافة
3 PAST الفعل الماضي
4 ORDER OF VERBS فعل / فاعل/ مفعول
8 ADJECTIVES النعت / الصفة
9 PRESENT VERBS الفعل المضارع
10 DUAL التثنية
11 PLURALS الجمع
12 JAZM الجزم
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