Fidya & Kaffarah

What is fidya?

Fidya is paid on behalf of anyone who is unable to fast, with no hope of being able to make up the fasts at a later stage in their life. This may be due to old age, illness etc.

How much is fidya?

Fidya is £5 for each missed fast.

Who needs to pay fidya?

Anyone who is unable to keep fasts.

Step 2:

Select the amount you would like to donate.

Step 2:

Select the monthly amount you would like to donate.

Ways to donate

Whether you choose to donate monthly or as a one-off, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

This project is zakat eligible and you can trust us to ensure your donations are distributed correctly to the most needy.

But most importantly, your donation will be a means of Sadaqah Jariyah for you and a source of great reward inshaAllah.

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