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The situation

The use of food banks has increased drastically since the credit crunch of 2008.  The Trussell Trust suggests that there has been over a 45,000% increase in the use of foodbanks since 2008.

Back in 2008, organisations like the Trussell Trust were providing around 25,000 food parcels a year.  However, the current reliance upon food parcels in 2017 is just under 2 million users.  The main two reasons that drives people to seek help from food banks is low income and delayed benefits as well as other things such as debt, homelessness, sickness, domestic abuse among others.

From our own experiences of feeding the homeless we found that families were visiting the Homeless provision as they didn’t have enough food to feed their families and loved ones.  So in at the beginning of 2017 we set up the As-Suffa Foodbank.

increase in the use of foodbanks since 2008
people relied upon food parcels in 2017

Our involvement

The As-Suffa foodbank runs every week from our site in Birmingham.  In 2017 we served over 370 food parcels to individuals and families who were in need.  All our food parcels contain enough content to suffice an average size family for a week.  Alhamdulillah, we now work with several referral partners, such as the police service and the local council who give our food bank vouchers to people in need.  In order to redeem their vouchers, people visit the As-Suffa site and collect their food parcel or we drop it off to them as part of the drop off service.  The drop off service is particularly useful for individuals with childcare needs or mobility issues who are unable to visit the foodbank.

How you can help

Our service relies upon your support.  Donate here to support the As-Suffa Foodbank.

Monthly (£) One Off (£)
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