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This Ramadhan we need your help, in fundraising for us.

One of the causes we are fundraising for, is to provide an outstanding education to orphans in The Gambia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Syria.

Don’t just sponsor an orphan for the short term, educate an orphan and help provide them with a life changing opportunity.

The As-Suffa schools of excellence give the children access to a free outstanding education in the English medium. The children are also given an Islamic Education, as well as physical education lessons such as cricket, football and much more. One of the most enjoyable and favourite activities of the children is the MMA lessons, which teaches them self-defence, confidence and discipline.

Most orphans who receive sponsorship through charities, will stop receiving support once they turn 16, in which case they are left to try fend for themselves. Many will struggle as through a lack of education or life skills, they will find it difficult to get work, leaving many to turn to begging on the streets.

Together we really hope to raise the funds to help change to future of hundreds of orphans and street children.

If you would like to fundraise for this cause, or any of our other causes, you can simply click the link below and then click fundraise for us, to create your page.

For more info or support contact 07714443272

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Fundraise for a cause
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