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  • The Andalus Experience

    When you join As-Suffa for The Andalus Experience you already know that this will not be your average holiday tour experience. Our aim is to give you an unforgettable and meaningful experience of Al-Andalus- this can only be achieved through exploring the cities, wonders and beauty of Muslim Spain through the lens of her 800-year rich history.

  • PAGES: Post-Alimiyyah Graduate Enhancement Studies

    This module is designed specifically for 'Alimahs who have graduated from a Madrassa and wish to renew their knowledge, strengthen their connection with their books and develop further research skills. 10 week module with lessons on Arabic Grammar, Arabic Morphology, Application and Spiritual Development.

  • Birmingham 10K Run

    Register today and RUN for the HOMELESS through Birmingham. Raising money for the Homeless Project is a big part of the experience for many runners and this year we have set a target of £200 each. This will go along way in helping fight poverty locally!

  • Water World Trips

    The UK’s No.1 Tropical Aqua Park is based in the Heart of the Midlands. Water World is an epic adventure for the whole family to enjoy, whilst raising money for an excellent cause! Providing a range of thrill-seeking rides from the Space Bowl to the Black Hole, there is something for everyone!

  • The Alimiyyah Course

    The Alimiyyah Course is a full time commitment designed to help students gain closeness to Allah by enabling them to understand the Qur'an and the Saheeh Ahadeeth in their original form. Students receive a chain of transmission at the end, equipping them to use their knowledge to benefit the community.

  • Heirs of the Scholars

    The Heirs of the Scholars course is a part-time study programme for those brothers and sisters who wish to make a commitment to studying sacred knowledge but need to balance this alongside other commitments, whether family, work, education or other needs.

  • Stepping Stones - Sisters
    As-Suffa Institute Stepping Stones

    Becoming a Muslimah is a great blessing but the immediate aftermath can be a very daunting experience - Stepping Stones is an opportunity to explore the essential teachings of Islam and establish your Islamic foundation.

  • Mental Health

    As-Suffa Outreach in partnership with Birmingham Mind welcomes you to our ’Sunflower Afternoons’. Come along to our weekly FREE Sunshine Sessions where you can get help on different areas of mental health. This session runs every Thursday between 1pm and 3pm. This is a drop in service so there is no need to register...just turn up!

  • Stepping Stones - Brothers

    Our aim is to help new Muslims gain confidence in developing their Islamic identity, offering them the opportunity to learn about their religion in a comfortable atmosphere whilst building a supportive network of Muslims. Becoming a Muslim is a great blessing but the immediate aftermath can be a very daunting experience, with many questions and issues to tackle. Stepping Stones is an opportunity to explore the essential teachings of Islam and establish your Islamic foundation.

  • Scouts

    The As-Suffa Scouts Club for boys & girls provides an energetic Islamic environment in which children aged between 6-11 can develop their friendships, social skills and Islamic knowledge.

  • Youth Club

    The As-Suffa Youth Club for boys & girls provides a energetic Islamic environment in which children aged between 11-14 can develop their friendships, social skills and Islamic Knowledge.

  • Legal Advice Clinic

    The weekly FREE drop-in clinics are held every Thursday between 10am – 12pm where our team of expert individuals will be able to offer legal advice and support in relation to an issue with a public body or authority. We will NOT be giving advice in legal disputes with third party individuals. This service is open to the public.

  • Domestic Abuse Counselling Service

    If you or somebody you know is suffering from domestic violence then there is help available. We are currently able to provide you with access to Islamic Advisors, Legal Advisors and also have a team of Professional Advisors who can offer health related advice including counselling and psychological support. This is a FREE service.

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Fighting poverty locally

Fighting poverty locally by working with other local organisation to provide essential food for struggling families.



Providing hope for a better tomorrow

Feeding the homeless across many cities in UK and providing hope for a better tomorrow.


Our Community

Sowing seeds of change

Building and strengthening community relations via free weekly drop-in legal advice clinics, disaster relief response and participating in many local initiatives.



Discovering a brighter future

Investing in our future by operating a Muslim youth club and Scout group for boys and girls.



Enlightening hearts and minds

Calling people to Islam as well as running regular Islamic reminders, courses and events.


Courses & Events

Islamic Courses & Events

Offering Islamic courses and events since 2004 to brothers and sisters.