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The situation

The As-Suffa Institute started in 2004 as a place for the teaching and learning of classical Islam.  Over the years, alhamdulillah, we have developed the full and part time Aalimiyyah courses that are delivered by scholars who are trained in classical Islam.  The Aalimiyyah programme is open to both brothers and sisters and alhamdulillah, we have qualified female scholars to deliver the full time syllabus to the sisters.  In addition to this, we have delivered numerous short, one and two day courses as well as a plethora of seminars, conferences, retreats and regular talks.  Our ‘sister’s only’, short courses and programmes are also proving to be very popular, with demands constantly increasing to deliver more and more. The As-Suffa maktab provision, where children learn how to read the Quran, is so popular that it is currently oversubscribed.

With Allah’s grace, the demands for the As-Suffa Institute to offer more continues to grow.  We need your help and support to meet the increasing needs of our growing community.

delegates at our national conference
children learnt how to read the Quran
part time alimiyyah students

How you can help

Our service relies upon your support.  Make a Sadaqa Jariyah donation here and support the As-Suffa Institute.

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