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BA in Islamic Studies

Course overview

As-Suffa Institute is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a unique opportunity for students who enroll on our Alimiyyah, and Heirs of the Scholars course the option to complete a BA in Islamic Studies alongside their Alimiyyah qualification. This is due to our partnership with the Markfield Institute. We strongly believe we are the only place of learning in the entire country that offers such a choice. Please click here for further details. The inclusion of the BA (combined with the Alimiyyah) allows students to gain an accredited and recognised qualification that not only develops their critical thinking and academic skills but also enhances their job prospects and provides further options for each student following their graduation.

The Markfield Institute is also offering the BA in Islamic Studies as a standalone course at As-Suffa. This course is open to everyone subject to entry requirements. We also offer qualified graduates of other Alimiyyah institutes and madrassas the opportunity to commence the course from year 2 (3-year course) onwards.

If you wish to enrol on this years course at As-Suffa Institute, please register via the following link: BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies 





Registration details


Registration day

2nd June 2021


The Markfield Institute of Higher Education, Leicestershire, LE67 9SY

NOTE: Day-to-day classes are held at As-Suffa Institute in Birmingham


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