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As-Suffa Institute is pleased to present The Revert Support course. We offer support to reverts or anyone who wants more information/support about Islam. This 6-week online course is catered for new Muslim reverts. It offers the opportunity for new Muslims to learn about the basics of the religion of Islam.

Those who enroll on the course should expect to find the following:

-A friendly and warm atmosphere
– A chance to share your experience with others
– General discussions
– Questions and Answers sessions
– Sessions aimed at boosting Imaan- Character building sessions
– Buddy Scheme

Although we have a structured 6-week course, attendees are contacted separately as part of induction and one-to-one support is offered for those who need- including face-to-face support, and online contact, allowing reverts to remain in touch.

This year, alongside the Stepping Stones course, we introduced a Level 2 which focused on Salaah. Attendees are given detailed notes for each session, and a booklet with transliteration and explanations. By offering the course online, we have had people from as far as Arizona, the USA, Medina, and Barbados able to join, and benefit.

We host regular revert iftaar events in Ramadan, where our volunteers help pack food (COVID-19 guidelines compliant), alongside two Eid gatherings- a brunch and our ‘reconnecting’ event organised by our Alimiyyah students.

For further details on the course, please see below.




”As- Suffa has been an enormous help along my journey into Islam. The sisters provided judgement-free support leading up to my Shahada and did not hesitate in answering all of my questions, and along with the other Sisters at As- Suffa helped accommodate my requests to have my mom and her partner at my Shahada. When taking my Shahada I was made to feel really welcome along with my family. Everything was explained with clarity and care and I was made to feel really comfortable. I was offered valuable advice on embarking on life as a new Muslim and was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of everyone there. I look forward to taking part in the Stepping Stones program in the new year inshaAllah.”-Sister Freya

”I was introduced to the course by a friend as I was always nervous and confused about the way I was practising my faith especially when it came to my salah. I felt ashamed as I thought I should know the correct way as I was a born Muslim. Attending the course I realised there are other Muslim brothers who feel the same and it gave me the confidence to ask questions without feeling ashamed and judged. I have met new brothers and I feel it’s a warm little community. JazakAllah to As-Suffa and Stepping Stones who have recognised that born Muslims also need to be guided right from the basics of our religion. This course inspired me and gave me the confidence to join a tajweed course and my son has since joined Heirs of the Scholars.”-Brother Ihsaan




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