Ramadhan 4 Kids Fundraising Challenge


This Ramadhan we have set up a fundraising challenge for children to raise funds to help As-Suffa relief build orphanages in The Gambia and Pakistan.

We have bought land in The Gambia and Pakistan, where we are building orphanages. Both orphanages will consist of a school, masjid, accommodation, cafeteria, library and sports facilities. The total cost for phase 1 will be £550,000 for both orphanages. The capacity will be 500 children per school. An estimated 110,000 blocks will be used in building both orphanages. You can help build the orphanages by donating £5 per building block.

We need your help to fundraise for the orphanages.

Simply order a fundraising pack and we will send you a house shaped money box and fundraising sheet.
Fundraise through Ramadhan by asking family and friends. Return your money box and fundraising sheet at the end of Ramadhan (make sure to have name and contact details).

Prizes to be won

All participants will receive a prize, with larger prizes depending on total raised. Prizes to be confirmed and will be provided at the sole discretion of As-Suffa, with no exchange or monetary equivalent offered.


Raise £100
Equal to 20 orphanage building blocks


Raise £250
Equal to 50 orphanage building blocks


Raise £500
Equal to 100 orphanage building blocks


Raise £1,000
Equal to 200 orphanage building blocks

More info

Telephone: 07714443272
Email: info@as-suffa.org

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