Education, education, education,
That is the pathway taken by every nation,
The torch that you use for clarification,
On your rocky journey to gain information.

We all confuse Islam for culture,
We all assume that we “get the picture”,
But in reality, that’s not the case.
Each matter is unique when dealt with face to face.

We need to acknowledge where we stand in life.
Have I done enough to attain paradise?
But how can you take action when in ignorance?
We all need to educate ourselves to increase obedience.

Studying sciences is deemed to be a necessity,
Becoming a doctor is known to be an authority,
But what happened to putting Islam first?
Allah should be the the priority and neglecting Him is the worst.

Studying at As-suffa has been great experience,
We cover different aspects of Islam, looking at all areas,
The warm, welcoming environment is like no other,
I honestly can’t stress this any further.

Did you know seeking knowledge is an obligation?
But doing so should be out of aspiration,
There is no point if your heart is not keen,
Knowledge at its best is when studying the deen.

Learning the Arabic language is more important than you think,
It builds up your connection with Allah, The King of all kings,
Even if you need to start from ا ، ب ، ت
Before you know it you’ll be reading صحة ستة

We ask Allah for علما نافعا (beneficial knowledge)
The kind that leads to عملا متقبلا (accepted deeds)
The one that benefits our entire Akhirah,
From the deceptions of this troubling dunya.

All it takes is a little bit of courage,
And a realisation that we need to manage,
What goes on around us to live life to the fullest,
By pleasing Allah and doing what He wishes.

Alimiyyah Student