Project Background

The foundation of As-Suffa has been built on propogating Islam, however, this is not limited to just Muslims. The Dawah team run a number of activities to educate Muslims and non-Muslims alike about the ture teachings of Islam.

The project

The corner stone of the Dawah project is the Stepping Stones – Islamic Essentials Course. A 6 week bite size course for new Muslims or those who wish to ensure their foundational knowledge is consolidated.
In addition to this, the Dawah project caters for new Muslims by providing a buddy scheme, a first point of contact for them to ask questions, get help with anything or simply have a conversation.


Alhumdulillah, many Muslims have benefited greatly from the Stepping Stones course, not only through the knowledge but the company and friendships they have made with like minded individuals.
It has also been a pleasure to witness many brothers and sisters take their shahada and welcome them into Islam.

Get involved

Keep an eye out for our Dawah training course which we run regularly throughout the year. This will equip you to be able to converse and explain Islam in a simple way and answer common misconceptions/questions about Islam.

Get involved


Lost for words. For those who are really passionate about studying the deen of Allah. There is no place like As-Suffa. Very hard to explain but one has to experience being around those ulama from as-suffa to understand where i am coming from. May Allah increase their knowledge and give them jannat firdaus for the great work of deen that they are doing.

Emedi Kapele

Alhamdulillah As-Suffa continuously strives to provide an unparalleled experience. From the courses, education, outreach and community projects they offer, everything is done bearing their ethos in mind, The best of people are those who benefit mankind. I have been attending and involved with As-Suffa for over 5 years and have seen them grow from strength to strength. May Allah SWT continue to bless the Ustadh's and Ustadha's, volunteers, students and supporters immensely in this life and the next.

Rashda Shanaz