Food Bank Project

foodbank-shopping-bagThe As-Suffa Outreach Food Bank Project is an extension of the As-Suffa Homeless Project that was initiated in 2011 and is now active in seven UK cities. The main objective of both projects is to provide assistance to some of the most vulnerable in the local community, irrespective of race or religion, primarily through the distribution of food parcels.

There were over 2.3 million children living in relative poverty in the United Kingdom in 2015.  There were 14,670 cases of priority-need homelessness in England alone in 2015. The statistics speak for themselves in highlighting that there is a very real and very urgent need to:

  • tackle, reduce and eliminate poverty in the United Kingdom,
  • ensure there is a greater awareness of poverty and its effects,
  • to promote the right of an adequate standard of living for every member of the community.

The As-Suffa Outreach Food Bank Project is an initiative that aims to fulfill these objectives. This service will initially serve the residents of Birmingham with scope for a national and global expansion.