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How It Works

The Food Bank Project is a simple yet effective way of ensuring emergency food items are delivered to those who are entitled and most in need.

  1. The people of the community are invited to donate money towards this cause with which essential food items are purchased, or to drop off certain food donations to one of our many donation points in the city of Birmingham.
  2. These items are regularly collected and taken to the Food Bank where they are processed, checked, shelved and regularly stock controlled.
  3. Clients who are in need of food donations are directed to the Food Bank through one of our referral partners who include schools, social workers, benefit advisors, hostels, job centres, doctors, refugee centres and the police.
  4. After a short process with our Referral partner they are issued a food voucher that can be redeemed at the Food Bank.
  5. The food parcels go a long way in assisting individuals and families who are in need.