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Prayer Walks

The multi Faith peace walks was initiated by Alison Treasure (St George’s Church, Newtown) and Desmond Jaddoo (The Assemblies of the First Born Church) in December 2015. There has been an upsurge of Gun and Knife crime since last October 2015 and it was decided that people of all faith would come together and walk on the streets of Birmingham in unison against this ill in our society.

The walks were a weekly event during the Christmas period however we now hold them on the First Saturday of each month at 3pm. The precise details of each location will be provided closer to the date.

School visits

As part of our Yes to Life campaign, the coalition of various faith groups are visiting Schools and making our youngsters aware of the severity of gun and knife crime. There has been an increase of 13-14% in gun and knife crime in 2016, according to the latest police-recorded crime figures, and this figure is looking to increase by the day. We as a community have to face this head on and educating our young is an important factor.

If you want us to deliver a presentation at your School/Madrassa please get in touch. Together, we can make a difference.