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Street to Feet

Project Background

Street to Feet is a cross functioning holistic support project which aims to initially work with service users/guests who attend our feed the homeless provision to assess their needs and help them onto their journey to a more stable lifestyle.

The ideal scenario would be to take a homeless individual and work with them to allow them to be in appropriate accommodation and meaningful employment with healthy and stable relationships around them.

The same support mechanism will then be rolled out to other service users who engage with our services e.g. our food bank clients (Phase 2). Phase 3 would look to implement street engagement service where we actively try to work with rough sleepers and go to where they are rather than working with individuals coming to us.

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Lost for words. For those who are really passionate about studying the deen of Allah. There is no place like As-Suffa. Very hard to explain but one has to experience being around those ulama from as-suffa to understand where i am coming from. May Allah increase their knowledge and give them jannat firdaus for the great work of deen that they are doing.

Emedi Kapele

The main thought that comes to mind when you think about this institute is - Community Outreach. It is important to serve the community (this includes people from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds) A really good place, with honest and trustworthy people running it.

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