As-Suffa outreach currently run a number of youth development programmes to cater for the needs of our young people. These projects have grown and expanded over the last few years and we actively seek out new opportunities. Amongst these there is a weekly youth club and tarbiyah programme. This is open to both boys and girls aged 11-14 years. Please select the button below to register.

We also offer the opportunity for our youth to participate in the Scouts programme. This allows individuals to interact in a friendly and safe environment whilst taking part in various activities. The Scout Club runs every Thursday between 6:15pm-7:15pm for the Beavers colony and every Sunday between 11am – 1pm for the Cubs colony.┬áPlease select the button below to register.

We strongly encourage young people to participate and become involved in some of the other activities that are organised by the institute. We hope that this will allow them to develop their skills and contribute positively to society.

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Click here to register for the Scouts Club