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Information for Parents & Guardians

The Scouts Club and the Youth Club is open to:

  • Young children aged between 6 and 14 who wish to spend time in a relaxing environment designed to promote self-development on a multi-faceted level
  • Young girls and boys who wish to acquire new and interesting skills in a fun and challenging setting
  • Those who seek to have a good time without compromising their values and beliefs
  • Muslim youth who wish to meet new acquaintances and nurture friendships
  • Young students interested in partaking in activities and outings that will cultivate them on an intellectual and spiritual level
  • Light study sessions on the Seerah of The Prophet (Peace be upon Him) and practical lessons from the lives of Sahabah (Companions of the Prophet) in order to create love and respect for the Muslim heroes and heroines of the past

Your children will get:

  • A valuable chance to meet like-minded individuals with whom they will create and nurture the deepest of friendships and have the most *fun* of times!
  • An opportunity to try their hand at all those things they’ve always wanted to do but have just not found the right place
  • Trips and activities that will challenge them in the most entertaining of ways; they’ve never really experienced Birmingham until they’ve been out with us!
  • Learning sessions on the life of our Beloved Prophet (Peace be upon Him) – we will study and learn to love him as the role model and perfect being that he is!
  • Hear about prominent Muslim men and women of the past; how they lived and what made them so great. By studying their lives, we will discover the key ingredients to becoming the successful Muslim of tomorrow!