My mind is a library

Book after book after book

There’s a few dusty, untouched

Maybe they’re worth opening



A flood of emotions

Drenching those pages

Those pages I dared never to revisit



Moments I would rather forget

But forgetting is not a solution

Seeking forgiveness is a must

Dear God, help me find me

Forgive me

Reassure me

Remind me

That these forgotten pages were tests

Faded answers I would only get

If I learned to appreciate the organised mess

Of my thoughts

For lost thoughts are linked to emotions

And emotions connect me to God

A reminder that life is a constant cliffhanger

To not let emotions build up into anger

But rewrite them as lessons to be learnt

To be remembered

To be taught

To help me gain the blessings to be earned


My mind is a library

Book after book after book

A new chapter begins

Old memories unforgotten

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