Walk 4 Water


Everyday families in Africa walk on average 4 miles, just to get some water. These walks are often done bare footed or in rubber sandals and even by children most of the time.

The water they will get is usually from polluted rivers or ponds and can cause serious life threatening illnesses.

This Ramadhan take on the “Walk 4 Water” challenge, where you will walk 10,000 steps every day in Ramadhan and raise money to build a well in Africa.

Register now and we will contact you with a personalised fundraising link.

Fundraising Target £500 – if you would like to increase your target please contact the number below.

For more info and support:
Telephone: 07714443272
Email: info@as-suffa.org

Make an impact with each step

Take on the challenge as sadaqah Jaariya for yourselves or on behalf of family members.

The Gambia

Full well in The Gambia is £3,000

Sierra Leone

Full well in Sierra Leone is £3,200


Full well in Zambia is £2,200

Clean water

Provide a community with clean water to drink

More info

Telephone: 07714443272
Email: info@as-suffa.org

Register now: Walk 4 Water
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