When does one truly express Gratitude?

It is when you get something you didn’t deserve. Now remember, this is really important, it is when you get something you didn’t deserve!

In order for us to be grateful we need to internalise it and remember it everyday and every moment. What we have, the clothes we’re wearing, the devices we are so proud of, the cars we are driving, the homes that we have, the workplace we go to, the food that we eat, is actually something we don’t deserve. This has all been given to us, despite the fact that we do not deserve it.

As a matter of fact, there may be a young man/woman of your age, if not just as intelligent as you but, more intelligent than you who is out there sitting somewhere, homeless.

He/she hasn’t had real food to eat, not because they’re fasting or they choose not to eat but, because they have no real food to eat.

There’s no logical reason why you deserve to live in a comfortable home and have all types of luxuries that you don’t appreciate . . . and yet they don’t.

However, we can understand that we certainly don’t deserve what we have.

The Problem?

When we constantly keep getting something, over and over again, in the back of your head you start thinking you deserve it.

The Proof?

The moment you complain, is the moment you believe you deserve something. This is when you deserve something and you didn’t get it.

You’re going to complain.

If you didn’t deserve it and you never got it, then there’s no reason to complain. It wasn’t yours and you didn’t deserve it either.

In other words, all the things that we enjoy in life, we have to internalise the fact that they’re not ours, that they do not belong to us. They are gifts from Allah.

Once we have this attitude, you are going to lead a positive life. You are going to be content and very happy with your life.

If you don’t develop that attitude you are going to lead a very negative life. You’re going to be unhappy with your life. You are constantly going to think , I deserve better, I deserve better, I deserve better. Nothing is ever going to be good enough for you.

This is the greatest disorder that has affected so many of us. Especially young people, the “whatever” attitude.

They may have the best things in life but, nothing makes them happy. They look at those things and say “Whatever”

When you’re reminded of the favours upon you. It’s like “Whatever”

This “Whatever” attitude can be poisonous and a sign of ungratefulness.

Remember, always be grateful to Allah for what He has given you.

Post by As-Suffa Institute

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