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79.5 million people need help this winter. Help them survive this winter by donating a winter family emergency kit. Winter kills.

After an entire year of suffering, millions are braced for freezing temperatures in camps, dangerous journeys through snow and ice, and perilous sea crossings to seek refuge. Winter is the worst time to be displaced, and as a deadly second wave of coronavirus encircles humanity, nowhere is safe for refugees. Our winter emergency appeal has never been more critical.

In Gaza, 2 million Palestinians are bracing for their harshest winter yet. Winter in Lebanon is closing in on 1.5 million Syrian refugees. Winter in Bangladesh threatens 600,000 street children and Rohingya refugees. Winter in Syria will put 6.1 million people at risk. In Iraq, 100,000 people have just been evicted from their tents and are out in the cold. In Sudan, 1.1 million children face extreme hunger. In Somalia, 2.1 million are hungry. And in Pakistan, 2 million face hunger and starvation.

As-Suffa, along with its delivery partner, is on the ground now in 9 countries distributing critical winter family emergency kits to protect against cold, hunger and COVID-19, but we cannot save lives without you.

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£250 will fund 1 night for Sub-Zero night shelter

£500 will feed 333 people

£1,000 will sponsor a support worker for 2 weeks

£2,000 will cover homeless shelter costs for a month

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Step 2:

Click on the amount you would like to donate.

£100 Winter Family Emergency Kit

Provide a displaced family with the essentials they need to survive this winter, including warm blankets, clothes, heating and fuel.

£140 Winter Family Emergency Kit

Provide a vulnerable Syrian family with blankets, sleeping mats, rugs, shelter reinforcement, fuel for heating, and soap, protecting them from winter and COVID-19.

£240 Winter Family Emergency Kit

Provide an emergency winter kit, containing warm clothes, blankets, and mattresses, to help a Yemeni family survive the bitter months.

Suzanne faces a harsh winter in Lebanon

After losing her husband in a tragic accident last year, life is going from bad to worse for Suzanne and her six orphaned children. Without our help, her family will be out on the streets by winter.

“My name is Suzanne. I’m 30 years old and lived in Syria with my husband and kids. We had our own home. My kids would regularly attend school. Our lives were normal. We lived in safety, but then the war broke out.

There was bombing, and we didn’t know who was attacking us. The noises would frighten the children. We hid under the stairs or any place we could find. Leaving our village was hard. We would walk along a road full of landmines. We never knew when something might blow up. We would move at night from tree to tree and found safety here at the Syrian Refugee Camp at Beqaa Valley, Lebanon.

Out in the cold this winter

My son, Ali, has become responsible. He’s caring and protective towards his siblings. He sells water on Marj Road. He often gets into fights there with other kids who are also selling. What they earn isn’t enough. It’s barely enough for bread each day – just bread and nothing else.

I go out to work. I clean and wash rugs to pay rent on the tent. If two days pass and I haven’t paid, we must leave. I have a broken water pump. I tried to fix it myself and got electrocuted. I wanted to let go but I couldn’t. People gathered to get the wires off me.

We bought a new water pump, but it’s broken again, and we’re living without water. Every year I say to myself, “maybe this year will be better,” but then I find that it gets harder – harder than the year before.

Circumstances are getting worse for me, especially now I’m alone with a big family. They all have needs, but what can I do? Me and my family will be out on the street this winter.”