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As-Suffa Institute is an educational establishment with a difference. Our aim is to convey the pure teachings of Islam through traditional scholarship, by utilising modern teaching methods

Our driving passion is to revive the holistic, proactive spirit of Islam in our hearts, homes and neighbourhoods.


As-Suffa Outreach provides a number of programmes and support mechanisms to assist our community. Initially established in 2012 to meet the needs of the homeless community in Birmingham, what started as a ‘feeding the homeless’ service once a week, has now grown into a number of projects that function all across the United Kingdom.

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Ramadhan is a special month for muslims, but it can be lonely for reverts who have little or no family to share the joy with. At As-Suffa we wish to invite all revert brothers and sisters so we can partake in the special occasion of iftar together, with a spiritual reminder and great company.

Please arrive at least half an hour before iftar time.

Spiritual retreat

Ramadhan is the month to connect with Allah. A month which has been prescribed upon us, so that we may attain taqwa. But with all the distractions how do we attain this?

As-Suffa this Ramadhan is offering a 2 night spiritual retreat, in the company of Shaykh Zahir Mahmood and Mufti Liaquat Zaman. Cut away from all the distractions, chores and vices and dedicate yourself to Allah. With spiritual reminders, practical advice and a structured routine, make the most of this Ramadhan.

Mightier than the sword

Join us for our annual Ramadhan event. An evening of Quran recitation, nasheeds and a powerful reminder delivered by Shaykh Zahir Mahmood. With Ramadhan about to depart, get the spiritual upliftment you need to make the most of the last few days remaining.

The event will be followed by a 3 course iftar, so share the unity and gain reward by inviting all your friends and family to share in this virtuous gathering.

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