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  • The Alimiyyah Course
    As-Suffa Institute | Aalimiyah course
    4 July 2017 7:30 pm - 30 August 2017 10:00 am

    The Alimiyyah course is designed to help students on their journey to achieve closeness to Allah by enabling them to understand the Quran and the saheeh ahadeeth in their original form.

  • Heirs of the Scholars
    4 July 2017 7:30 pm

    The Heirs of the Scholars course is a part-time study programme for those brothers and sisters who wish to make a commitment to studying sacred knowledge but need to balance this alongside other commitments, whether family, work, education or other needs.

  • Mental Health
    6 July 2017 1:00 pm

    As-Suffa Outreach in partnership with Birmingham Mind welcomes you to our ’Sunflower Afternoons’. Come along to our weekly FREE Sunshine Sessions where you can get help on different areas of mental health. This session will run every Thursday from 6th July onwards (1pm - 3pm). This is a drop in service so there is no need to register...just turn up!

  • Monthly Community Seminar
    7 July 2017 8:00 pm

    Many parents intuitively understand that ubiquitous glowing screens are having a negative effect on kids. We see the aggressive temper tantrums when the devices are taken away and the wandering attention spans when children are not perpetually stimulated by their hyper-arousing devices. Worse, we see children who become bored, apathetic, uninteresting and uninterested when not plugged in. Join us this month to explore this very apt subject and hopefully come up with solutions we can implement in our lives immediately.

  • On Yer Bike 2017
    13 August 2017 8:00 am

    Due to popular demand, this years bike ride challenge is back and this time it will take place in the midst of the summer! Get on your bike, Get fit and raise some cash for worthwhile causes on our doorstep! Ride 25, 50, or 75 miles through the country lanes of the Midlands, finish with a celebratory meal and receive your medal at our awards ceremony!

  • Sheffield 10K Run
    24 September 2017 9:30 am

    Register today and RUN for the HOMELESS through Sheffield. Raising money for the Homeless Project is a big part of the experience for many runners and this year we have set a target of £200 each. This will go along way in helping fight poverty locally!

  • Youth Club
    As-Suffa Institute Youth-Club

    The As-Suffa Youth Club for boys & girls provides a energetic Islamic environment in which children aged between 8-14 can develop their friendships, social skills and Islamic Knowledge.

  • Stepping Stones
    As-Suffa Institute Stepping Stones

    Becoming a Muslimah is a great blessing but the immediate aftermath can be a very daunting experience - Stepping Stones is an opportunity to explore the essential teachings of Islam and establish your Islamic foundation.

  • Hifdh Class
    As-Suffa Institute | Hifdh

    The Hifdh Class course is a full-time study programme for those who wish to make a commitment to memorising the Glorious Quran.

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Fighting poverty locally

Fighting poverty locally by working with other local organisation to provide essential food for struggling families.



Providing hope for a better tomorrow

Feeding the homeless across many cities in UK and providing hope for a better tomorrow.


Our Community

Sowing seeds of change

Building and strengthening community relations via free weekly drop-in legal advice clinics, disaster relief response and participating in many local initiatives.



Discovering a brighter future

Investing in our future by operating a Muslim youth club and Scout group for boys and girls.



Enlightening hearts and minds

Calling people to Islam as well as running regular Islamic reminders, courses and events.


Courses & Events

Islamic Courses & Events

Offering Islamic courses and events since 2004 to brothers and sisters.