Children’s Corner

Date: Every Saturday
Time: 5-5:45pm

Course overview

Children’s corner is a weekly session that covers 3 subjects. They are Prophet Stories, Seerah, and History of Islam. After covering prophet stories, we will swiftly move on to seerah and then to history of Islam. The Prophet Stories will last for 2 years, and the Seerah will last for approximately 2 and a half years. Prophet stories will be from Adam (AS) until Esa. The seerah be regarding the Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s. History of Islam will be about the sahaba. Each lesson is 40 minutes.

After the main portion, there is a 5-minute session about adaab (manners) in which we will teach the kids about the virtues we ought to possess using hadiths and verses from the Quran. Following the etiquette lessons, we will teach the 99 names of Allah and how to derive values from them, and how they could apply these names to their lives.

There will be 40 sessions per year, approximately. Attendance will be monitored throughout the course.

Event Details

Every Saturday
Taught by
Maryam Mahmood, Nimrah Azhar, Tahiya Taneem
Open to
Brothers and Sisters
Short course
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