Date: Mon - Fri
Time: 9am - 1pm

Course overview

As-Suffa Institute is pleased to offer a full-time course for those who wish to commit to the memorisation of the Holy Quran.

This course offers students the opportunity to learn under the guidance of senior Tajweed teachers and Huffaadh. Enrolment is offered all year round, and the course is open to all above the age of 16.

For further information on course details and syllabus please see below.

As-Suffa teachers aim to create a safe, and stress-free environment in our Hifdh classes. The method we have adopted is to recite the reading (this depends on the capability of the student), then revise previse juzz’ (approx. the previous ½ juzz memorised) and dorr (the previous juzz memorized).  If a student has memorized from 1-2 juzz, they are required to do ½ page of dorr every day, between 3-5 students are required to do 1 juzz of dorr every day, for more than 6 juzz, students must do 2 juzz of dorr each day. After the completion of each juzz, students are tested to recite the entire juzz in one sitting and must pass to progress. We heavily emphasise on tajweed, and this is marked daily, and weekly goals are set to perfect tajweed application.

Event Details

As-Suffa Institute, 156 High Street, Aston, Birmingham, B6 4UX
Mon - Fri
9am - 1pm
Ustadh Muaaz Amiji
Open to
Brothers only
£60 enrollment

Teacher Bio

Ustadh was born in Surat, India. He completed his Hifdh at the age of 15 with his beloved teacher Hafidh Masuood Feyzabadi in Madrasah Darsghah Mulla– one of the oldest Islamic schools in the city. He continued to further his Islamic education until Hidayyah in the same institute, before transferring to Darul Uloom Jamia Asharafiyya for his final two years. Here, he studied Ahadith with some of the great scholars, namely Mufti Aarif Hasan Agravi, Qari Abdur-Rashid Ajmery, and Mufti Habib Paalanpuri (May Allah be pleased with them all). Ustadh Muaaz has been teaching Hifdh for ten years and is a senior hifdh teacher at As-Suffa, where he recites the Taraweeh prayer in Ramadhan.
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£60 enrollment
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