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The situation

Over 300,000 people in the UK are either homeless or living in inadequate accommodation.  94% of homeless people are unemployed, 72% have some sort of mental health illness and 56% have a long standing physical impairment.  So homelessness, either leads to or is the cause of mental and physical illness.  This impacts on an individual’s ability to find employment and pull themselves out of poverty which in turn creates a perpetual cycle of deprivation.

Our involvement

Since 2012, As-Suffa Outreach have been working in the homeless space.  To date we’ve served over 200,000 hot meals to the homeless across the UK, alhamdulillah.  We provide not only food in the form of a freshly cooked hot meal, but also a warm and welcoming environment.

By Allah’s grace, we are now operating in 8 cities across the UK:

  • Birmingham
  • Walsall
  • Coventry
  • Leicester
  • Sheffield
  • Bolton
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol

Last year alone we served 40,000 meals across these sites.

people in the UK are either homeless or living in inadequate accommodation
of homeless people are unemployed
hot meals served to the homeless across the UK

How you can help

Our service relies upon your support.  Donate here to support the Homeless Project.

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